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We believe that with the right tools, every healthcare organization can simplify its compliance and auditing management and focus on what matters most: its patients.

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The Everything-You-Need Compliance Platform.

Every compliance program should have the tools to identify risks, manage incidents, train employees, and have the insight and reporting to ensure it's all being done effectively.

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Interactive intelligence to manage incidents from initial reporting through to closure.

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Risk Assessment


Analytics to identify your risks and comprehensive tools to help mitigate them.

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Courses to train and educate your employees across the compliance spectrum.

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Risk Assessment
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Data to manage your program in a completely customizable dashboard.

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Audit Manager

Introducing the ultimate medical chart auditing tool. Audit Manager was designed by auditors, for auditors, to ensure the accuracy of coders and physicians, while reducing denials and improving reimbursement rates.

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New Podcast Episode:

Discover the Critical Role of ABNs in Healthcare 💡 

In the latest episode of Compliance Conversations, Keisha Wilson takes us on an insightful journey into the role of Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) within the healthcare system.  

With over two decades in the field, Keisha explains the nuances of ABNs, including the recent updates to forms and the vital importance of staying compliant.  

She delves into real-world scenarios, highlighting how ABNs affect both the provider and patient side of healthcare.  

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Medicare practices and enhance patient care through effective communication! 

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