Best Practices for E/M Coding and Other Time-Based Services

We’re giving you insights and best practices so you can feel confident documenting and billing time-based services.

Watch the Webinar - Best Practices for E/M Coding and Other Time-Based Services

All time-based codes are not created equal, meaning providers and coders are often confused about the correct number of billing units to report.

When can time be rounded up to the next time increment and when does it need to be exact? When is code selection based on face-to-face time versus total visit time? We’re tackling these questions and more in our upcoming webinar so you can code with confidence.

Title: Best Practices for E/M and Time-Based Services Coding

Presenter: Stephani E. Scott, RHIT, CPC, VP of AAPC Services

Watch this webinar to gain insight on proper time-based coding, as well as tips on ensuring your documentation can pass the scrutiny of any external review, like:

    • How to figure out total time for E/M and prolonged services
    • Examples of correct and incorrect time statements
    • Proper documentation of behavioral health services
    • How to calculate physical therapy services correctly