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Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Compliance 

Discover how the intersection of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is transforming the compliance landscape in our latest podcast episode.



Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Crash Course

Ready to trick security threats and treat your data right? Join our Cybersecurity Crash Course to learn secrets to safeguarding your health information!

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Strategies for Navigating the Ever-Evolving HIPAA Landscape

Even though HIPAA has been around for a long time, there’s always something new. Learn how a HIPPA risk analysis can benefit your org. in this webinar. CCB CEU.

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Industry Insights from a Freshly Certified Medical Coder

Get an inside look at the process to become a certified medical coder straight from someone who has been there! Listen to her journey here.



August 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

OIG Work Plan updates for Aug 2023 include buprenorphine treatment for OUD, Transitional Living Program for homeless youths, & COVID-19 funding initiatives.

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Enhancing Compliance at Academic Medical Centers

Academic Medical Centers come with their own set of compliance challenges – that’s why this webinar covers some key risks you need to know. CCB CEU available.

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The Art of Building a Successful Compliance People Strategy

A compliance team is only as strong as the people on it, so how do you build one? We invited a former nurse turned compliance exec to share her insights.



Evaluating Use of Psychotropic Medications in Nursing Homes

The nursing home population is particularly vulnerable, and that’s why there’s an increased focus on the use of certain medications for these patients.

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Compliance Landscape for Advanced Practice Practitioners

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners aren’t immune to the scrutiny or consequences faced by physicians – and these recent examples showcase why.

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The Marketing Team: What We Do in the Shadows

Creating an annual survey is a bit of an art – and we’re getting an inside look at how it’s done on this episode of Compliance Conversations.



July 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

The OIG did NOT take a summer break – in fact, they added more Work Plan items in July 2023 than previous months. Take a look at what’s new.

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Physician Payments with the Open Payments Database

Money talks? Learn about how to use the CMS Open Payments Database to uncover payments made to physicians by pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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Compliance Investigations 101

Eric Allen joined us for this episode of Compliance Conversations to share his expertise and tips for structuring productive investigations!



2023 Mid-Year Compliance Program Review

2023 is zipping by – don't let the summer end without conducting a mid-year compliance review. Check out our checklist for expert tips for your program.

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OIG’s New Telehealth Toolkit to Address Risks

Don’t let a good toolkit go to waste – join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how to leverage the OIG’s new telehealth toolkit in your organization.

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Necessary Insights on Medical Necessity Woes

Understand why lab testing is under the microscope, state-level enforcement actions, & inpatient rehab facilities all from a medical necessity perspective.

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Communication & Compliance – A Match Made in Training Heaven

What can stronger communication do for your compliance training program? A lot, it turns out – let's find out why.



June 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

June's OIG updates include biospecimen research, National Institute of Health contract close-out procedures, high-risk diagnosis codes, and hospice services.

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Key Insights & Trends on DOJ Physician Enforcement

Looking for a rundown of recent DOJ enforcement actions against physicians? This webinar will give you insight.

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Is Software a Medical Device?

Technology is integrated into everything we do. But what are the regulatory implications of new software platforms in the medical industry?



Managing Compliance Policies and Procedures

Do the words “policy management” give you heartburn? That’s why we created our latest eBrief with key expert insights into policy and procedure management.

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Exploring the Ongoing Enforcement on Nursing Homes

With an increased emphasis on nursing home compliance, this is a great time for compliance teams to learn about new changes from the OIG.

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Can Improv Improve Your Compliance Program?

Does the thought of doing improv comedy make you sweat? Well, no onstage participation required for this comedic and curious look at how improv can benefit healthcare.



A Mid-Year Compliance Review

2023 is halfway over – how’s your compliance program doing? Watch this webinar that will help you reflect on your progress and finish the year strong.

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