Your Guide to the HIPAA Security Rule Bundle

Which safeguards are included in the HIPAA Security Rule?

Download the eBrief - Your Guide to the HIPAA Security Rule Bundle

When we say “HIPAA Security Rule,” what comes to mind? It might be best practices around safeguarding electronic data and patient health information. But what about ensuring employees, visitors, and contractors have the right badge access throughout your building? That’s addressed in the Security Rule too.

We’re rolling out a compilation of HIPAA Security Rule resources, giving you the “greatest hits” of our Security Rule content. Our eBrief bundle, “Your Guide to the HIPAA Security Rule” includes:

    • Administrative safeguards and the five safeguards defined by the OCR
    • Physical safeguards like facility access and device security
    • Access control, encryption, and other technical safeguards
    • Nationwide audit results (spoiler alert: a surprisingly high number of organizations need stronger risk management practices)