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Healthcare Learning Management System

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Training takes Time.

A recent poll suggests that over 50% of employees are overworked. Employee education requires time and resources–both of which are in short supply. It’s a fine balance, and a challenge that administrators like yourself know only too well. Isn’t it time you spent less time managing and more time helping your employees succeed?

Training Center

Getting and keeping your workforce trained and certified can seem like a constant struggle. Or anyway, it was. Healthicity offers an integrated, online Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows for training anywhere, on any type of device. Our learning platform is fully customizable, easy to manage and packed with hundreds of AAPC-approved courses. Better learning starts here and now.



Unified Learning

All-in-one platform designed to integrate with our solutions and your educational resources. All in one place.


Customized Platform

Personalized just for you and your organization. Tailor the user interface, reporting and training to align with your organization.


Simple to Use

Intuitive user interface is simple to use and just as easy to implement. Never has adoption and motivation been so effortless.


Unparalleled Education

Trusted content created by trusted sources. Your employees can learn from the best by leveraging content created by AAPC experts.


Comprehensive Training

Access a complete library of AAPC-approved training for your every need. You’ll never lack for training from anywhere, ever again.

Smart Platform

Get custom course recommendations relevant to your needs. We’re continuously curating and updating our library, so you don’t have to.

Administrative Control

Manage your courses, employees and their tasks. With broad administrative tools and controls, you can track what matters most: your success.

Variety of Courses

Choose between comprehensive libraries of individual or subscription-based courses. Flexible learning, unique to your needs.

Insightful Reporting

Track the progress of your employees. In-depth reporting allows administrators to drill down into employees and courses.

Customized Portal

Leverage enrollment, reporting and purchasing capabilities, all within a single portal. Meet the needs of your organization, then exceed them.

Scalable Learning

Facilitate online, blended and personal learning courses. No matter your approach, you’ll be able monitor each employee’s progress.

Personalized Courses

Upload your existing courses, or any course you create in-house. Let our Training Center be the center of your training program.

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Product Brochure

Training Center Brochure

Healthicity offers an integrated, online Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows for training anywhere, on any type of device.


4 Smart Strategies for Better Trainings

Help your trainees enjoy and better retain your training material with these actionable insights from the tried-and-true 4 Pillars of Learning.

Product Brochure

Product Course Catalog

Our trainings are used to meet a broad range of training needs, including compliance, competency assessment, and development needs.


Master Compliance Training

The principles of adult education can save your compliance training. Fun and effective training starts there.