Ask An Auditor Anything: A New Podcast Episode

Some of our most popular blog posts around here are the Q&As we do where we allow you, our audience, to ask us questions on auditing and coding requirements, best practices, and real-life scenarios.

We love racking our brain to help set you on the path to improved coding, and more effective billing compliance. Trouble is, we get so many questions, we never have time to answer them all. So, we decided this month we’d set aside some time and dedicate it to answering your most pressing challenges.

Which is why we’re going to host a special episode of our podcast, Compliance Conversations, which we’re calling “Ask an Auditor Anything.”

This is how it works: Submit your most pressing/challenging/brain-teasing questions, then we’ll randomly select a handful of them to answer during the episode. I’ll be honest, we won’t be able to answer all of the questions you submit, but we’re excited to see what curveballs you throw us. And if you, our dedicated audience, find enough value in the podcast, we’ll ask you to keep submitting questions because we may just turn this into a regular feature of our podcast.

One disclaimer: the podcast will not be live, so be sure to submit your answer in advance, using this link.

So, without further ado, let’s hear your most pressing questions. . .

Ask an Auditor Anything >>

Questions or Comments?