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Simplifying Modifier 26

Posted by Stephani Scott, Feb 19, 2019 6:24:11 PM

Modifier 26 can be confusing, so we’d love to break it down for you.

Must Know Coding and Auditing Trends For This Year

Posted by Stephani Scott, Feb 5, 2019 11:56:55 AM

Performing coding and documentation audits are crucial to an effective compliance plan

Free Auditing Bundle: Continuing Education for the Busy Auditor

Posted by Stephani Scott, Jan 17, 2019 12:25:20 PM

It’s not always easy to stay on top of all things auditing because of the evolutionary nature of coding and auditing.

An Auditor’s Simple Guide to Infusion Services

Posted by Lori A. Cox, Jan 8, 2019 12:02:35 PM

An infusion service is defined as the “administration of intravenous fluids and/or drugs over a period of time for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.”

Get All Eight 2018 Ada Cartoons Today for a Limited-Time-Only

Posted by Healthicity, Dec 27, 2018 12:17:08 PM

All year you’ve been watching Ada’s unfortunate luck unfold as she was poisoned by a frog, overdosed on spicy food, swooned and fell, and crafted herself into oblivion.

The Misadventures of Ada: ICD 10 Cartoon, "Dizziness and Giddiness" R42

Posted by Healthicity, Dec 18, 2018 12:56:15 PM

“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock,” blared from the record player while Ada danced and twirled

The MFS Final Rule: Are You Ready?

Posted by Charla Prillaman, Nov 27, 2018 12:15:07 PM

Every year we look forward to November when the MFS final rule will be published.

Q&A: New Guideline and Regulatory Changes

Posted by Healthicity, Nov 21, 2018 2:03:24 PM

Thanks so much to all of you who tuned in to our recent webinar, Simple Audit Solutions for Juggling New Guideline and Regulatory Changes.