Best Practices for Compliance in Hospitals

We all know the importance of the seven elements of an effective compliance program. They all come together–like the various kingdoms in Lord of the Rings–to protect an organization from fraud, waste, and abuse. Though you can apply the seven elements of an effective compliance program to almost any industry, healthcare is a unique space with incredibly unique provider types and varied organizations. These unique provider types face unique compliance risks.

Healthcare compliance is a particular beast with its own exceptional challenges. Hospitals can add an extra layer of complications; therefore, it’s always a clever idea to seek out hospital-specific guidelines related to keeping up with what’s effective and what’s helping compliance officers in 2022 in managing their compliance programs.

Healthicity’s webinar, “Best Practices for Healthcare Compliance in Hospitals,” will help you learn about the recommended best practices for hospitals from CJ Wolf MD, one of our compliance experts. His presentation covers:

    • The OIG’s compliance guidance documents for hospitals
    • Cases of enforcement against hospitals
    • Unique compliance risks for the hospital sector

The live webinar will be held on August 17, 2022, but you can watch it on-demand at your convenience.

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