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Deeper Than the Headlines: OIG April 2019 Work Plan Items

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 22, 2019 12:14:26 PM

[Drumroll] It’s that time again! Time to review what the OIG has added to their work plan in the month of April 2019.

2019 Compliance Institute Lessons

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 18, 2019 11:00:00 AM

So, I just left this year’s Compliance Institute in Boston and can I just say it was the best experience, yet again.

Industry Benchmarks to Guide Your Compliance Program

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 11, 2019 3:13:52 PM

Every year we conduct a survey on the state of compliance for you to use as a benchmark for your organization against others in the field of healthcare.

Deeper Than the Headlines: March 2019 OIG Advisory Opinion

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 8, 2019 1:05:27 PM

The OIG’s newest published Advisory Opinion (AO) was posted in March of 2019. Whenever the OIG posts an AO it’s a good idea to review it.

Protect Your Organization From OCR Enforcement

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 4, 2019 11:00:00 AM

HIPAA legislation is over 20 years old and to-date they’ve been wildly successful. The proof is in the pudding.

Deeper Than the Headlines: PHI Used in Marketing

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 2, 2019 2:09:18 PM

Have you ever received some promotional or marketing material from a hospital you visited?

Podcast: Creating Billing Compliance Clarity with Multiple Providers in Academic Centers

Posted by CJ Wolf, Apr 2, 2019 1:01:28 PM

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a show about coding and billing and I couldn’t think of a better guest than my friend and former colleague, Jay McVean.

Deeper Than the Headlines: OIG March 2019 Workplan Updates

Posted by CJ Wolf, Mar 25, 2019 12:15:27 PM

March 2019 has been a busy month for additions to the OIG’s Work Plan. They’ve added 16 new items.