The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "Hocus Pocus: A Witches Night Out" R55

This Halloween, Ada made big plans with her friends to dress up as the legendary Sanderson Sisters for a nice cider drink or two in her backyard near her toasty new fire pit. They stand around a pumpkin, and Ada says, jokingly, “On this Halloween, we invoke the power of nature!”

“Here, here!” Her friends laugh and chime in.

Twist the flesh and bend the seeds! Itchita Copita! Malika Mystika! Make it love only me! Itchita Copita! Malika Mystika! No longer a pumpkin, you will be! Malika Mystika! Itchita Copita! Just like this!

There’s a flash of light, and the pumpkin glows. And then a black cat sits where the pumpkin once sat. Ada’s eyes widen, the world around her spins, and everything goes black.

When Ada wakes, she’s lying on the ground with the cat sitting on her stomach, gazing into her face. Her friends are standing in the background, frantically whispering amongst each other, while a paramedic calls out, “Excuse me? Witches? Does anyone know why she might have fainted?”

The Misadventures of Ada- ICD-10 Cartoon, Hocus Pocus- A Witches Night Out R55 - low res-01

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