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Don’t Miss These OIG Work Plan Updates for July and August!

Posted by CJ Wolf, Aug 26, 2021 10:46:55 AM

Ah, Summer! The time to get outside, find new ways to entertain your pets or your kids, or take a vacation

Deeper Than the Headlines: Home Care Compliance on the OIG’s Radar

Posted by CJ Wolf, Jun 3, 2019 11:24:00 AM

In May 2019, the OIG released audits they’d performed on Home Care agencies. In the end, they reached the conclusion that numerous services were out of compliance.

Deeper Than the Headlines: OIG Work Plan Updates - Jan. 2019

Posted by CJ Wolf, Jan 22, 2019 10:48:32 AM

It’s that time again. The OIG has updated their work plan with January 2019 additions. Here are some of the recent items I thought you’d find of interest.

Deeper Than the Headlines: OIG Work Plan Items - June 2018

Posted by CJ Wolf, Jul 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

In June 2018, the OIG added more items to its work plan. Here’s a quick summary of some of those newly added items