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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

How to Accurately Audit in the Evolving State of Telehealth

It's time to look into how we audit telehealth services under the new normal with additional insight and knowledge provided by our auditing expert. CEU available.

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How to Boost Your Productivity in the New Normal

Learn how software can help you work more efficiently remotely, distribute policies & procedures and effectively create and manage new incidents.

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Telehealth in the Time of Covid-19

This whitepaper addresses the basic guidelines for telehealth services along with comprehensive explanations of more complex aspects.

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Advice for Onboarding and Managing Remote Employees

Learn effective communication strategies, manage projects and increase productivity, smart tricks for onboarding new employees and proper HIPAA privacy and security policies.

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Maintaining Compliance During a Crisis

This webinar conversation will discuss some basic theories of crisis management and answer questions about managing an effective compliance program while in the midst of a crisis.

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ICD-10-CM, Explained (Part 4)

This Explainer series consists of Healthicity experts breaking down the complexity of ICD-10-CM Sections 1.C.10, 1.C.13 and 1.C. 12.


How to Accurately Dissect an Operative Report

Whether you’re auditing your surgeons on a regular basis, or the thought of operative reports gives you severe anxiety, we’ve got a ton of best practices for you. CEU Available.

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An Experts Guide to Building a Career in Compliance

Discover what you can do to become an ideal compliance candidate or what your organization should look for when hiring or promoting someone into compliance. CEU available.

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To Self-Disclose, or Not Self-Disclose

We debate the pros and cons of self-disclosure on three common issues, including HIPAA breach, Anti-Kickback and coding or billing repayment errors. CEU available.

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Unlocking the Fraudulent Mind

By learning the human desires, intentions, and actions that result in fraud, you can develop a better compliance program designed to correct non-compliance. CEU available.

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ICD-10-CM, Explained (Part 3)

Let us buy you a little extra time by quickly and clearly explaining Section 1.C.6., 1.C.7. and 1.C.9. of ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines.


How to Prepare Your Organization for a RADV Audit

Find out what a real RADV audit looks like, tips and tricks to validate HCCs and proposed CMS updates for 2020.

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The PEPPER and You: How to Easily Improve Your Audit Program

Implement best practices to improve your coding compliance, what qualifies as high-risk areas and how to audit based on your facility’s results.


What I Learned from the 2020 CPT® Symposium

Find all of the 2020 AMA CPT®️ and RBRVS Symposium updates, plus my personal highlights in this eBrief.


Decoding the Mysteries of Modifier 25

A deep look at all of the rules, guidelines, and some case study examples to help you simplify the complex nature of modifier 25.

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Ask an Auditor Anything (Part 1)

We compiled all of your questions and took a bunch of them to our resident coding and auditing experts and sat down for a little chat.



What You Must Do to be HIPAA Compliant in 2020

Get the answers to your annual HIPAA risk assessment questions from our resident HIPAA compliance expert.



Complete Course to Solving E/M & Other Time-Based Services

Learn documentation and coding tips for a number of services including E/M services and other time-based services.

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Strategies for Achieving Your Compliance Goals in 2020

Learn strategies for prioritizing goals, understand the importance of communicating those goals and adhere to the new requirements for 2020. .

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3 PowerPoint Templates for Busy Compliance Pros

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Get our three customizable PowerPoint templates geared towards compliance professionals.

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Build a Successful Compliance Program

We will show you how you can get in front of your 2020 compliance goals and enter the year with renewed confidence.

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5 Lies Compliance Officers Tell Themselves

Our compliance expert compiled the 5 most common lies compliance officers tell themselves.

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Boost Your Finances with an Inpatient Audit Program

Learn how an effective inpatient audit program can effectively mitigate risk of improper coding and reimbursement levels, all while boosting your organization's financial health.

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10 Compliance Rules to Live By

This webinar will bring to light the constant actions you should take to keep your compliance program effective.

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