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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

Export Controls and How They Affect Every Program

Export controls might be the most overlooked compliance element, and they apply to every organization (including yours).



Insights into Provider-Based Billing

Let us help any of you who were recently acquired by a hospital or recently acquired a physician practice, as we will cover everything provider-based billing.

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Getting Out in Front of Your Annual Risk Assessment

Gain the knowledge for conducting your own 2019 HIPAA Risk Analysis and the benefits of conducting one for your organization.

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Risk Adjustment Auditing

A Risk Adjustment guide for coding and auditing highlighting pro-tips from the experts you know and trust.

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How to Build a Relationship with Your Compliance Committee

Learn how to engage sr. leadership to actively support the committee and create opportunities that give you a seat at the table.



ICD-10-CM, Explained Part 2

Read what our experts wrote on neoplasms, endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases, and neurodevelopmental disorders.


Is Your SNF Ready for the 2019 Compliance Requirements?

Learn how to prepare your organization for 2019 compliance requirements and design and implement an effective compliance program.

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How to Crack Preventative Medicine Coding

Understand how preventive medicine coding works, distinguish between wellness and a problem-services, and ensure your provider is getting paid correctly.

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The State of Compliance, 2019

Use this to create to-do checklists, increase your bottom line, give your resume a tune-up, and better manage your programs across the board.



How to Conduct Smarter Audits with Analytics

Uncover provider outlier patterns, identify common billing trends and draw provider comparisons between internal and national peers.

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The Psychology Behind Why Physicians Undercode

Find out the biggest mistakes physicians are currently making and learn what coders and auditors should look out for in physicians documentation.



The Guide to Understanding Telemedicine Rules and Regulations

Stay ahead of telemedicine, rules, and regulations for Medicare, protect your organization from enforcement actions, and navigate the complexity of the originating site.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Risk Adjustment

Leverage best practices to implement risk adjustment, use risk adjustment to increase your revenue, and know where risk adjustment is headed to stay ahead of the curve.

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Reverse False Claims Act: Everything You Need to Know

Hear what is expected of your compliance program in terms of reverse false claims and what paradigm changes to look for moving forward. CEU available.

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How the Pros Implement a Compliance Program

Tackle compliance like a large hospital group, manage unique challenges of micro-hospitals and navigate policies and procedures for hospital licensing.



Taking the Trauma Out of Technology

Learn healthcare tech trends and advances, how to make tech work for you and what the US government has to say about technology in compliance.



Technology Trends You Need to Embrace in 2019

See how you can mine data across your program, where technology can help your program the most, and what first-rate compliance programs are using.

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Ask an Auditor: Unpacking 99211

Take the confusion out of the code and learn how to bill 99211 in these common and often confusing cases.


2019 Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report

Read what over 1,000 professionals are saying in our 2019 Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report.



The State of Coding and Auditing in 2019

Better understand how to communicate audit results to providers, why productivity standards are a must and how organizations can better manage quality.

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How You Can Mine Data and Reduce Risks

Learn how to access and leverage publicly available sunshine data, how to mine data, and what risks pose the greatest threats to your compliance program.

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Exclusion Monitoring: A Simple Compliance Win

Learn why exclusion checks are the simplest thing you can do to protect your organization from the OIG’s rath.

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ICD-10-CM, Explained

This mini ICD-10-CM refresher course examines Conventions, General Coding Guidelines and Certain Infections and Parasitic Diseases.


My Top 4 Takeaways from Compliance Institute 2019

Get our detailed notes from all of our favorite sessions and highlighted take-home lessons and to-do’s.

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