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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

Don't Worry, Sanction Checking Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare

We tell you why compliance programs should diligently perform exclusion checks against sanctioned individuals by the way of case study examples.

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The Two-Midnight Rule: Scary Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid coding and documentation errors with examples of appropriate use versus problematic use from our expert auditor, Lori Cox.


Tips for When You’re the New Kid on the Compliance Block

Learn which personality types are drawn to compliance, how to set expectations as a new compliance professional, and why it's okay not to know everything right out of the gate.



Compliance for Teaching Physicians: What We Should Know

Get compliant by reviewing PATH audits with us, understand how to provide training and tools along with statements and documentation processes.

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This is How to Get Paid for E/M Consultations

Learn how the real-world application of E/M Consultative Services can benefit your organization and we'll cover clinical vs. billing consultative services. CEU purchase available.

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How to Become a Well-Rounded Compliance Officer

Learn why any well-rounded compliance officer who is worth their weight in gold should read voraciously, understand statistics and know auditing best practices.

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Dissecting Wound Care: A Cheat Sheet

Use this cheatsheet to achieve the highest level of specificity when auditing for Pressure Ulcers.

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Understanding Physician Financial Relationships

Top off your knowledge of Stark Law & AKS comparison, risks & physician lease agreements and non-monetary compensation vs. incidental benefits.

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Common Activities that Lead to Whistleblowing

Learn how to see the signs that lead to whistleblowing, prevent whistleblowing as a result of retaliation, and create a compliance program that responds to concerns.

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Taking the Anxiety Out of Behavioral Health Auditing

Learn how to understand what to look for in the diagnostic interview code, use add on code for “interactive complexity,” and report crisis psychotherapy. CEU purchase available.

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Provider Assessment Plan: Quick and Easy Tips for Auditors

Get the full scoop on how to have a effective conversations with providers that get results, all in this eBrief.


To Self-Disclose, or Not Self-Disclose

We debate the pros and cons of self-disclosure on three common issues, including HIPAA breach, Anti-Kickback or Stark issue, and coding or billing error repayment or refund.

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The Essential Elements of Incident-To

You’ll get incident-to requirements, examples of what not to do, and tips on How to Audit Incident-To all in this eBrief.


The Teaching Physician Rule: A Blessing or a Curse

Learn the new specifics of student documentation for E/M Services and HPI, dangers of improper documentation, and the teaching physician’s responsibility to verify and attest.



Unlocking the Fraudulent Mind

By learning the human desires, intentions, and actions that result in fraud, you can develop a better compliance program designed to prevent, detect, and correct non-compliance.

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How to Define Your E/M Pass Rate Thresholds

Learn more about pass rate thresholds and how results are reviewed and how industry leaders define their pass rate thresholds. CEU purchase available.

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How Their Mistakes Could Improve Your Security Program

Learn security risk requirements, ins-and-outs of recent cases and audits, reason MD Anderson was fined millions, and the many ways a risk assessment tool can protect you.

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What Auditors Should Always Remember

Learn about advice on how to approach auditing with a different perspective that will make you more effective in your day-to-day.


Tackling Compliance on the Front Lines

Learn more about how to focus your compliance efforts on the front lines where it really matters.

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E/M Services and CMS's 2019 Proposed Changes

Learn the pertinent CMS Rules, how you can prepare for the proposed changes and a breakdown of why we believe certain changes will/will not take place.

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Your Guide to the National Correct Coding Initiative

Learn about edit categories, edits for mutually exclusive procedures and sequential procedures, and myriad ways that edits maintain accurate billing and coding practices.


Smart Strategies to Tackle Your Organization's Risk

Cover how every department must work together to reduce risks, risk analysis is dependent on gap analysis and management plans, and how to mitigate risk analysis information from the OCR.



Facility Auditing Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

See how the new Audit Manager Facility can take your work as an auditor to another level and improve efficiency rates by 40%.

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How to Properly Discipline Acts of Non-Compliance

Learn how to incorporate disciplinary action into your compliance program, use discipline to change employee behavior, and roll compliance into performance evaluations.

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