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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

Tackling Compliance on the Front Lines

Learn more about how to focus your compliance efforts on the front lines where it really matters.

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E/M Services and CMS's 2019 Proposed Changes

Learn the pertinent CMS Rules, how you can prepare for the proposed changes and a breakdown of why we believe certain changes will/will not take place.

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Your Guide to the National Correct Coding Initiative

Learn about edit categories, edits for mutually exclusive procedures and sequential procedures, and myriad ways that edits maintain accurate billing and coding practices.


Smart Strategies to Tackle Your Organization's Risk

Cover how every department must work together to reduce risks, risk analysis is dependent on gap analysis and management plans, and how to mitigate risk analysis information from the OCR.



Facility Auditing Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

See how the new Audit Manager Facility can take your work as an auditor to another level and improve efficiency rates by 40%.

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How to Properly Discipline Acts of Non-Compliance

Learn how to incorporate disciplinary action into your compliance program, use discipline to change employee behavior, and roll compliance into performance evaluations.

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The Secrets to Affordable HIPAA Compliance

How you can prevent HIPAA fines with software tools and case studies of organizations who could have prevented huge fines with a proper risk analysis.

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7 Habits of a Highly Effective Compliance Officer

Learn all 7 habits and how they will make you a much better compliance officer.

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Compliance Metrics for Your Program’s Success

Learn how to understand the difference between measures, metrics, and KPIs, build successful metrics and incorporate metrics into a dashboard

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Avoid the Compliance Dangers of Medical Marijuana

Learn the dangers of physicians, or a practice, getting involved in prescribing medical marijuana and how you and your organization can recommend it and remain compliant.



How to Better Communicate with Your Docs

Get tips from expert auditors on how to discuss the assessment and plan with your providers and get thorough documentation on images and medication.


What Not to do When CMS Audits You

Learn how to prepare for a CMS audit before it happens, stay calm during a CMS audit, and effectively explain yourself to CMS.



Billing Company Mistakes That Could Cost You

Find out how to get every cent you deserve and learn which regulation requires you to hire an outside billing company. CEU credit available.

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Understanding the Challenges Nursing Facilities Face

Prepare your organization for the 2019 requirements and learn the 8 Core Skilled Nursing Facility Requirements.

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2018 The State of Auditing

Find out how you stack up against your peers, get pro tips on how to improve, and see where the auditing industry is headed and where it will take you.



How to Avoid a $3.5 Million HIPAA Fine

Learn how to perform a HIPAA SRA, understand recent enforcement regarding HIPAA SRA, and how to properly handle the findings after completing a HIPAA SRA.

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2018 The State of Compliance

Over 1,000 compliance and healthcare executives contributed to our 2018 The State of Compliance report.



Risk Assessment Design: Advanced Frameworks and Methodologies

This framework gives a complete view of an organization's compliance risk environment. We give you the blueprint and materials to assess your own compliance program.

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Traits of a Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Learn the characteristics of a risk assessment while creating, identifiying, and implementing them into your compliance program.

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So You've Submitted Your MIPS Data. Now What?

You've submitted your MIPS but now what? Learn how to use implied best practices, correct errors, and verify CMS data.

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Compliance Institute 2018: The Compliance Time of My Life

Get our compliance expert's personal free recap of HCCA's Compliance Institute sessions for an insider’s look at several sessions and get up to speed on compliance hot topics.

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Why Auditing is the Heartbeat of Your Compliance Program

Understand the difference between monitoring and auditing, when and why to conduct program audits, and proper submission and payment of claims. CEU credit available.

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Improving Accuracy Through Co-Authorship

Hear from patients' rights advocate, Michael Warner, teach how to give patients the opportunity to take control of their information and in return greatly increase accuracy.



What to Expect at Compliance Institute 2018

Get the full run down on top speakers you don’t want to miss, industry trends and hot topics that matter right now.

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