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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

My Top 4 Takeaways from Compliance Institute 2019

Get our detailed notes from all of our favorite sessions and highlighted take-home lessons and to-do’s.

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Using Survey Data to Benchmark Your Program

Get your hands on some of the more interesting results before everyone else and learn the many ways you can use the data to supercharge your program.

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What We Can All Learn from Recent OCR Settlements

Protect yourself against OCR enforcements, focus your HIPAA efforts, get OCR 2019 prepared and avoid the list of companies who are fined.

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Billing Compliance in Academic Medical Centers

Learn from experts about teaching physicians, documentation, the complexity of the clinical environment, education and potential EMR concerns.



Recognize the Differences Between Medical Necessity & MDM

Break down how to properly document medical necessity and medical decision making and how to quantify something as difficult as “cognitive effort” for MDM.



The 10 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

Our 10 elements provide an actionable plan for building and maintaining an effective compliance program long term.

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Consultation or Referral Auditor Quiz

Here's your chance to test your consultation skills. Can you tell us which dates qualify?

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What Auditors Should Know About CIAs

Deepen your understanding of the history and implementation of CIAs, reexamine common components of a CIA and gain a practical perspective through examination of current CIAs.

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Opioid Compliance: Treat Patients and Avoid Fines

Be confident in your ability to apply the principles of a healthcare compliance program to opioid management with details from this webinar.

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Pre-Payment Review: A Documentation Checklist

Assist providers when responding to medical record documentation requests pertaining to evaluation and management services with help from this checklist.

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The 10 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

Get our extensively researched 10 elements of an effective compliance program where we go beyond what the OIG has published.

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Modifier 26 Cheatsheet

Use this cheatsheet to clarify and save you time on tedious research for Modifier 26.

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A Brief History of Compliance

Learn how compliance has evolved through the decades and see where it’s going so you can prepare your organization for what’s to come.

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Top Coding and Auditing Trends for 2019

Learn impactful subjects like coding and auditing staffing trends, common coding and auditing challenges and practical solutions for an effective audit plan.

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How Compliance Management Just Changed. Forever.

Get the inside scoop on all of the new features of the dashboard where we’ll introduce the new interface and demonstrate how it will help you.

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How Compliance Will Continue to Thrive in 2019

Compliance departments seem to be coming out from under the shadow of other departments and making their presence felt across healthcare organizations.

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Why Compliance Programs are the Key to Preventing Medicare Fraud

Understand how to use analytics and data to identify fraudulent behaviors, follow a risk-based approach and learn from recent enforcements and fraud busts.

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An Auditor’s Guide to Understanding Infusion Services

We'll guide you through CPT Hydration codes, Therapeutic, Prophylactic and Diagnostic Injections and Infusions, and the Chemotherapy administration codes, for clinic-based billing.

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An Experts Guide Building to a Career in Compliance

Discover what you can do to become an ideal compliance candidate or what your organization should look for when hiring or promoting someone into compliance.

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Incident Reporting Mistakes That Can Cost You

Learn how to triage reported incidents, funnel various reporting methods into one tracking system and create a reporting system designed specifically for a compliance program.

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Have no Fear: The MFS Final Rule is Here

Get help navigating the MFS changes including the History of Present Illness (HPI) documentation changes, services using technology, HCPCS code G2012 and code G2010.


Easy To Follow Tips For a Better 2019 Compliance Workplan

Tips include how to ask the right policy and procedure questions, add annual items for an effective program, and much more!

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See E/M Coding Compliance from a Physician's Perspective

Understand how a physician thinks about the words, phrases, and concepts in the 1995 and 1997 E/M documentation guidelines. CEU purchase available.

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Audit Solutions for New Guideline and Regulatory Changes

Learn where to find important inpatient change notifications, possible implications of changes each year, why it’s important to audit, and why using good software is helpful.

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