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The OIG's New General Compliance Program Guidance

The OIG recently released new compliance program guidance – and it’s a doozy - a 90-page doozy. Watch this webinar for a rundown of what you need to know.

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3 Meds Commonly Audited by the TPE Program

Unlock the hidden challenges behind CMS's Targeted Probe and Educate Program providing invaluable insights for medical coders and compliance professionals.

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November 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

The OIG’s Work Plan got a lengthy update in November including infection prevention, CMS Payroll-Based Journal system, and new audits of Medicare Part C.

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2023 Annual Benchmark Report

More than 800 professionals shared their insights for our 2023 Annual Compliance and Auditing Checkup Report!

Diplomatic Communication in Healthcare

In this episode they unravel the intricacies of communication in healthcare compliance, exploring scenarios from physician-patient discussions to boardroom deliberations.



Deciphering the 'Medical' in Medical Decision Making

Let’s talk about the first major revision to E&M guidelines in over two decades and focus on the pivotal role of Medical Decision Making (MDM). CEU purchase available.

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A Thanksgiving Tribute to Compliance Professionals

Take a moment to reflect on the integral part compliance professionals play in ensuring the success and integrity of your organization.

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Coding Strategies for Successful Revenue Cycle Management

Ever wondered about the crucial role coding plays in the revenue cycle? Stephanie Perry breaks it down on Compliance Conversations.



Best Practices for Compliance Incident Reporting

Uncover the real-world trips and strategies for effectively managing compliance incidents and potential fraud. CCB CEU available.

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10 Tips for Medication Management

Gain insights into balancing medication risks, early detection strategies, and more to improve patient care and healthcare auditing expertise.

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October 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

Discover the OIG's latest initiatives, as they delve into crucial areas such as children's mental health, COVID-19 impact mitigation, and child care compliance.

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A Blueprint for Your Annual Audit Plan

Learn how to tailor your annual audit plan to your specific risks, proactively improve your program, and safeguard your reputation.

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How Compliance Teams Can Build Trust to Accelerate Success

Get expert insights on securing buy-in for your compliance efforts – especially from frontline employees.



Patient Safety First: Exploring OIG's Adverse Events Toolkits

Get expert insights on advancing patient safety, reducing harm events, and leveraging the OIG's new Adverse Events Toolkits. CCB CEU available.

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Trick or Treat...Compliance Style

We cover tricks like how to use the magic of technology to make your job easier, assemble a hauntingly good compliance committee, and so much more!

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The Art of Annual Audit Planning

New year, new compliance audit plan? Let’s take a look at how to create an effective annual audit plan – and how to use it to drive results. CCB CEU available.

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Challenges & Balance in a Compliance Career

Experts run the gamut of compliance topics in this candid conversation on everything from regulatory challenges to the impact of AI.



Medicare Advantage Compliance Under the Spotlight

Uncover the details behind Cigna's recent $172 million settlement as we delve into the compliance considerations for Medicare Advantage organizations.

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Hierarchical Condition Categories and Risk Adjustment

Are you up to date on the latest healthcare compliance priorities around enforcement actions around HCC and risk adjustment? CEU purchase available.

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September 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

Get up to date with the latest OIG Work Plan updates for September 2023 with highlights including audits on diagnosis coding and DMEPOS.

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Compliance Strategies for Healthcare and Nursing Facilities

Dive into the world of healthcare and nursing facility compliance with two experts coming from diverse backgrounds in this podcast episode.



Navigating the AI Frontier

Is your organization prepared for the AI revolution? Our guest expert will guide you through the complexities of AI governance, risk management, & compliance.

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Understanding the OIG's Toolkits on Patient Harm

Find out what the OIG uncovered in their recent report and how healthcare providers can identify and prevent patient harm.

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10 Solutions for Combatting Healthcare Staff Shortages

Did you know that one in three healthcare workers plan to leave within the next year? Discover 10 ways to tackle staff shortages in our latest checklist!

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