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Integrative Health Compliance Risks

Read about this $375,000 False Claims allegation for acupunture and other acts of compliance fraud dealing with integrative health.

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How Compliance Directly Impacts Patient Care

Watch this webinar to learn how you can enhance your compliance while directly impacting patient care. Gain a CCB CEU as well.

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Staff COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

Learn what the COVID-19 vaccine mandate means for compliance professionals in this short eBrief.

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Compliance Conversations: Therapy & Compliance Risks

When it comes to compliance for mental health services, you’ve got to pay extra attention. Learn about Psychotherapy and compliance risks in this episode.



OIG Work Plan Updates: Dec. 2021

If your organization is involved in Telehealth, the NIH, or Vaccines for Children you’re going to want to read this eBrief for a deeper dive.

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How to Train Your Compliance Board

Training your Board of Directors on compliance responsibilities is vital for any compliance program. Learn everything you need to know in this webinar and gain a CCB CEU.

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Compliance Conversations: Suicide and Prevention

Learn about suicide statistics, high risk populations, and suicide help and prevention in this podcast episode.



The Holiday Season and Common Compliance Issues

The last thing you need is a knock on your office door from the Notorious OIG. Read our short eBrief to prevent holiday COIs in your organization.

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What I Learned From the 2022 CPT® Symposium

Our auditing expert came out of the 2022 CPT® Symposium filled to the brim with information and she is thrilled to share her notes with you in this eBrief.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Telehealth: Part 3

Read the 3rd installment of our 4 part eBrief series that talks about telehealth. This eBrief focuses on the impact telehealth has had on your revenue cycle.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: Nov. 2021

Get the full scoop on these November 2021 OIG Work Plan updates so your compliance program can review some of these risks proactively.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Telehealth: Part 2

Join us for the 2nd installment of this 4 part eBrief series that talks about telehealth. This eBrief focuses on the impact telehealth has had on your workflow.

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Urine & Drug Testing Compliance Concerns

Protect your organization from a million-dollar settlement by watching this webinar and learn from recent enforcement cases and how to mitigate risks. CCB CEU available.

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The Ultimate Compliance Officer Gift Guide

Make gift-giving within your compliance officer community a breeze (and go ahead and buy a few things for yourself while you’re at it).

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How to Optimize Mental Health Outcomes

Learn how to optimize your mental health and wellness and improve mental health outcomes with compliance expert, CJ Wolf, and Psychiatrist Dave Paulson.



OIG Work Plan Updates: October 2021

Get the OIG's October 2021 updates here in this short and sweet eBrief. Updates featured are adverse event toolkits and Covid data reporting.

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Integrative Health For Compliance Officers

Learn from two Reiki practitioners, Justin Larsen and Julie Crane R.N., about the history, science, and practical uses of Reiki.



6 Fun Ways to Use Compliance and Ethics Week

Our short and sweet eBrief gives you 6 fun and easy ways to boost awareness in your compliance program routine.

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Psychotherapy Basics for Compliance Professionals

Read this short eBrief to learn about different kinds of Psychotherapists, four theories of Psychotherapy and the importance of mental health support.

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Compliance FAQs: The Anti-Kickback Statute And CIA's

A collection of outstanding questions from our webinars that feature topics like the Anti-Kickback Statute and CIA's.

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Compliance Risks Associated With Mental Health Services

Increase in mental health services means increase in compliance risks. Learn about them here and gain a CCB CEU.

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The Solution for Mitigating Your COVID Audit & Enforcement Risks

See for yourself how compliance software can help protect your compliance efforts and simplify your compliance program in this new COVID enforcement environment. CCB CEU available.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Telehealth

Join us for a part-4 eBrief series that talks about telehealth. This eBrief, part 1, focuses on what the past, present, and future of telehealth looks like.

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Your Compliance Programs Need to Know About Integrative Health

Learn all about the benefits and risks of Integrative Healthcare in this hour-long webinar and gain a CCB CEU.

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