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A Pro’s Guide to Conducting Your Annual SRA

Hear about project management and risk assessments, and how organizations should “initiate a project, then execute, monitor, control, and close."



Ask an Auditor Anything (Part 1)

We compiled all of your questions and took a bunch of them to our resident coding and auditing experts and sat down for a little chat.



What You Must Do to be HIPAA Compliant in 2020

Get the answers to your annual HIPAA risk assessment questions from our resident HIPAA compliance expert.



A Deep Dive Into the NCCI Policy Manual

We pick up right where we left off to discuss the ins-and-outs of the NCCI policy manual, and discuss the three main topics of the manual.



Understanding the Nuance of NPP Coding

Identify the difference between shared services and incident two, avoid double billing and follow the intense guidelines of shared services.



How to Provide Access to Telehealth

Catch up on the telemedicine phenomenon in this podcast episode and learn to implement proper coding and billing compliance practices and more.



How to Earn a Huge ROI from Medicare’s IOMs

Join a conversation where an expert discusses a couple of his favorite Medicare IOMs, specifically the (NCCI) Policy Manual and the Claims Processing Manual.



Export Controls and How They Affect Every Program

Export controls might be the most overlooked compliance element, and they apply to every organization (including yours).



How to Build a Relationship with Your Compliance Committee

Learn how to engage sr. leadership to actively support the committee and create opportunities that give you a seat at the table.



The Psychology Behind Why Physicians Undercode

Find out the biggest mistakes physicians are currently making and learn what coders and auditors should look out for in physicians documentation.



How the Pros Implement a Compliance Program

Tackle compliance like a large hospital group, manage unique challenges of micro-hospitals and navigate policies and procedures for hospital licensing.



Taking the Trauma Out of Technology

Learn healthcare tech trends and advances, how to make tech work for you and what the US government has to say about technology in compliance.



Billing Compliance in Academic Medical Centers

Learn from experts about teaching physicians, documentation, the complexity of the clinical environment, education and potential EMR concerns.



Recognize the Differences Between Medical Necessity & MDM

Break down how to properly document medical necessity and medical decision making and how to quantify something as difficult as “cognitive effort” for MDM.



Tips for When You’re the New Kid on the Compliance Block

Learn which personality types are drawn to compliance, how to set expectations as a new compliance professional, and why it's okay not to know everything right out of the gate.



The Teaching Physician Rule: A Blessing or a Curse

Learn the new specifics of student documentation for E/M Services and HPI, dangers of improper documentation, and the teaching physician’s responsibility to verify and attest.



Smart Strategies to Tackle Your Organization's Risk

Cover how every department must work together to reduce risks, risk analysis is dependent on gap analysis and management plans, and how to mitigate risk analysis information from the OCR.



Avoid the Compliance Dangers of Medical Marijuana

Learn the dangers of physicians, or a practice, getting involved in prescribing medical marijuana and how you and your organization can recommend it and remain compliant.



What Not to do When CMS Audits You

Learn how to prepare for a CMS audit before it happens, stay calm during a CMS audit, and effectively explain yourself to CMS.



Improving Accuracy Through Co-Authorship

Hear from patients' rights advocate, Michael Warner, teach how to give patients the opportunity to take control of their information and in return greatly increase accuracy.



Everything You Need to Know About ACO Compliance

Hear from compliance expert, Rebecca Lathis, explains how the MSSP differ from the provider side of compliance in this podcast episode.

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Essential Steps to Post-Audit Education

Hear from auditing expert, Stephani Scott, who explains how to approach post-audit education like a pro in this podcast episode.

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Benchmarking Your Way to Compliance

CJ Wolf, Healthicity's Sr. Compliance Executive, sat down and chatted with Marci Swenson, compliance and healthcare law expert to talk tips for 2018.

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Talking Compliance Culture

CJ Wolf, Healthicity's Sr. Compliance Executive, sat down and chatted with Rudy Green, the compliance officer at the University of Texas in Austin. 

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