An Expert’s Guide: How to Design Compliance Metrics

An Expert’s Guide: How to Design Compliance Metrics

Posted by Marcie Swenson
Jun 14, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Compliance metrics are super important. They help your organization evaluate compliance risk mitigation against your organizations accepted level of risk tolerance. They’re used to keep senior leaders and governing boards informed of compliance program improvements and address critical compliance program improvements. Sold compliance metrics? You need ‘em.

Successful metrics are integral to achieving an effective compliance program. In fact, the release of the OIG’s Resource Guide in 2017 clearly established compliance metrics as a best practice and the new standard for compliance programs. Now it’s up to you, the compliance professionals, to learn how to design metrics. But don’t worry, you’ve totally got this and I’ll be right next to you throughout the journey.

Tune into my upcoming webinar, Designing Compliance Metrics for Your Program’s Success, to learn how to understand the difference between measures, metrics, and KPIs, build successful metrics, incorporate metrics into a dashboard, and gain compliance program support & confidence.

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