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Will AI-Powered Solutions Revolutionize Healthcare Compliance? - eBrief

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, and compliance is more crucial than ever. The OIG’s November 2023 Healthcare General Compliance Program Guidance (GCPG) underscores the need for robust risk management and continuous improvement.

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Compliance Leadership Roadmap from the OIG’s General Compliance Program Guidance - eBrief

Recently, at the Health Care Compliance Association’s 28th Annual Compliance Institute, Robert K. DeConti, Chief Counsel to the HHS Inspector General provided one of the keynote addresses. He used the opportunity to tell a story of a hero’s journey. The hero in the story is a compliance officer...

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How to Create an Effective Annual Audit Plan

The Art of Annual Audit Planning - Webinar

It's that time of year again – compliance programs are putting the finishing touches on their annual audit plan for the year ahead. Wrangling those fresh and familiar compliance risks is like a puzzle – you've got to be organized and clever to piece together a winning plan.

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