2021 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Report

If you’re like us, you live, sleep, eat, and breathe compliance. You’re in constant growth mode, searching for new and better ways to run your compliance programs. If that’s the case, you’re probably also obsessed with data and believe that is where truth lies.

If you’re still reading, then you’re definitely like us. So we’re very excited to share with you our fifth-annual “Compliance Benchmark Report.” To gather this report, over 1,200 people responded to 40 questions covering all seven elements of an effective compliance program. You and your colleagues may have even participated in taking this year’s survey, and helping us create our annual report. To which we say: “Thank you!”

Now it’s time to see how you and your organization stacks up to national averages and best practices across the healthcare continuum.

Inside our 2021 Annual Compliance Program Benchmark Report you'll find answers and national averages to 40 of the most important questions and metrics for an effective, and sustainable compliance program. Plus, this year we’ve added a bunch of links to resources that can help you solve any current gaps you find in your program, including tools for conducting your annual risk assessment, setting up a compliance committee, and simplifying your incident management workflow.

Healthicity’s Annual Compliance Program Benchmark Report delivers rich data to help you visualize how your organization stands up to industry benchmarks. So, download your free copy today, so you can start to:

    • Compare Your Program with Industry Standards
    • See What Your Peers Feel are the Biggest Risks to Their Programs
    • Determine Which Areas of Your Organization You Should be Auditing
    • Download Best Practices to Ensure Compliance Throughout 2021

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