New Changes to the OIG Work Plan Affecting Hospital Price Transparency, Medicaid Fraud Referrals, and Inpatient Rehab

Have you heard? The Office of Inspector General recently made Work Plan updates that impact price transparency rules, Medicaid fraud referrals, and inpatient rehabilitation. If you support compliance for hospitals or hospital systems, listen up! Our latest eBrief covers the updates you need to know.

Download our free eBrief, “September 2022 Updates to OIG’s Work Plan,” for insights on OIG Work Plan updates that impact compliance in hospitals, managed care plans, and inpatient rehabilitation services. Our latest eBrief covers:

    • OIG’s plans to evaluate CMS's monitoring and enforcement of the hospital price transparency rule.
    • OIG’s concerns about the lack of fraud referrals from Medicaid’s managed care plans.
    • Plans for an upcoming OIG audit of claims from inpatient rehabilitation facilities.

Compliance professionals have been managing hospital price transparency regulations for some time now, but the OIG has decided to get more involved in monitoring compliance with these regulations to ensure hospital pricing information is readily available to patients.

In addition, OIG and CMS have concerns about the lack of fraud referrals from Medicaid managed care plans. The OIG is also preparing to take a closer look at inpatient rehab services to ensure proper documentation and verify that services are medically necessary.

We’re here to help you stay ahead of new updates coming down the line. Get our eBrief for the latest on OIG Work Plan updates.

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