How to Improve Your Auditing Program

How to Improve Your Auditing Program

Posted by Stephani Scott
Jun 13, 2017 10:48:53 AM

You've heard the buzz. "Auditing is complex and daunting," they say. "Auditing has too many gray areas." As you attempt to improve your auditing efforts to ensure coding and billing accuracy for proper payment and financial stability, you’ll find plenty of text-heavy, complex resources that make it difficult to discern the applicable advice from all of the jargon and hooey. We say enough with the hooey!

We created this guide to be an easy-to-digest and reliable reference for all aspects of auditing, whether you're a small organization just getting started or are part of an expert team that's simply looking to review its fundamentals. From setting up internal policies to selecting your sample size and identifying outliers, we aimed to create a holistic look at the field of auditing. We even included survey statistics on the national state of auditing, data-driven suggestions from leading industry experts and our infamous ICD-10 cartoon, the Misadventures of Ada. If you haven’t met her yet, you’re in for a treat.

Best of luck with all of your auditing efforts; we hope you find the guide valuable!

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