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Demystifying Modifier 59: Your Guide to Correctly Using This Modifier - Webinar

Modifier 59 is here, there, and everywhere!

It’s one of the most frequently used and misused modifiers in medical coding and billing, and it indicates that a procedure or service was distinct or independent from other services performed on the same day by the same provider.

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Your Checklist for Creating a Coding Red Book - Checklist

A “Red Book” or “Coding Bible” is a critical asset that can support multiple teams and departments. With one “source of truth” that everyone can use as a reference guide, it’s easier to stay on the same page and ensure accurate coding.

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Healthcare auditing professionals – wouldn’t it be great to have a roundup of 2022 data from your fellow auditors?

We thought so too, which is why we surveyed hundreds of healthcare auditing professionals across the country to create a comprehensive look at common pitfalls, strategies to enhancing...

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