How to Quickly and Easily Manage Incidents

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant who could significantly reduce the time it takes you to manage incidents and streamline your workflow? Well, dream of stress-less work days no longer. Healthicity’s Compliance Manager is the personal assistant of your dreams, capable of doing just about everything to make your day a whole lot easier.

Join our team of product experts for a live demonstration and get a front-row seat to the only intelligent, all-in-one compliance software solution that can improve the way you manage incidents.

Designed by compliance experts, for compliance experts, Compliance Manager allows you to totally customize your workspace and features real-time reporting. It streamlines how you manage incidents through documentation, tracking, and investigation. And allows you to manage internally and externally reported incidents in one easy-to-use, web-based solution. So whether you’re training employees, conducting risk assessments, or investigating incidents, you can manage your entire program with ease.

During this free demo webinar, you’ll see how Compliance Manager can simplify your workday. Our team will show you:

    • A Comprehensive Overview of Compliance Manager
    • Real-life Examples of Incident Management Such as Sexual Harassment and Patient Falls
    • Demo of Training Center in Response to Incidents

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