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Five Compliance Resolutions for the New Year

Compliance Resolutions for 2018.

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The new year is a time to improve, adjust, and tackle compliance with new eyes and a reignited passion. It’s also the time to make a list of compliance resolutions, of compliance issues to proactively tackle.

There are a number of things that we all need to be on top of in 2018 to maintain compliance. For example, we must treat each incident as if it will be reported by a whistleblower and/or will be read about in the headlines, and check our organization’s true culture against the code of conduct.

Watch this on-demand webinar, “Five Compliance Resolutions for the New Year,” for a list of compliance resolutions and an in-depth explanation about the importance of each of my resolutions, which are:

  • Putting a Plan in Place for Opioids
  • Treating Incidents Before they Become Headlines
  • Comparing Your Actual Culture vs. Your Code of Conduct
  • Performing a Compliance Program Effectiveness Review
  • Tackling a Nagging Issue You've Been Putting Off

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