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Payer Compliance, Simplified. 

A competitive healthcare industry demands that every payer effectively manage its costs and reduce risks wherever they are uncovered. At Healthicity, we’ve built a suite of solutions that help payers of all sizes build and maintain an effective compliance program. Compliance Manager offers integrated policy and procedure management, risk assessments, and learning management system (LMS) modules to identify and mitigate risks, while Audit Manager can help process claims and ensure the accuracy of providers in your network.

Compliance Management

Implementing an organization-wide culture of compliance is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re tasked with training thousands of employees, or spend your days identifying and investigating risks to your business, you need help. Compliance Manager was built to help professionals streamline their workdays, whether that entails analyzing organizational risk, policy and procedure management, or developing and administering employee training.

Risk Management

In addition to an ever-changing regulatory environment, payers are also faced with continued industry consolidation, evolving relationships with providers, and the ongoing adoption of electronic medical records, to name just a few of your challenges. In order to untangle that web, our compliance experts developed our intuitive, proprietary risk assessment solution. Whether you need to conduct ad-hoc assessments of your organization, or annual HIPAA risk assessments, you’ll be able to quickly identify risks and create workplans to solve them, before they become a liability.

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Training Management

With hundreds, or even thousands, of employees spread out across your organization, creating and delivering the right training to the right employees can be a never-ending job. But with Compliance Manager’s integrated LMS, you can manage your entire training program within a single application. Whether you’re uploading existing content or creating and editing new courses, you’ll be able to deliver that content to only the relevant audience and have total insight into the completion and effectiveness of each course.

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