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Compliance and medical chart auditing software for service providers.

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Technology and Service Provider Compliance, Simplified. 

If your organization is a business associate charged with handling PHI, then you need to ensure your employees know the dos and don’ts of accessing, sharing, and protecting that information. And if you're responsible for managing the revenue cycle for your customers, your responsibilities may be even greater. Leveraging the powers of Compliance Manager and Audit Manager can not only help you ensure organizational compliance, it can also help improve something equally as important: your clients' bottom lines.

Compliance Management

Managing your own compliance program is a challenge. Managing someone else's compliance program is downright daunting. Whether you’re in charge of creating policies and procedures, conducting risk assessments, or training an entire organization, having all those tools in one place will simplify your (and your clients') path to effective compliance.

Risk Management

Effective compliance, whether it’s your own program or a client's, should know where its risks are lurking. Whether conducting your annual risk assessment or a HIPAA Privacy and Security assessment, Compliance Manager can help you identify your most serious risks and then create an automated workplan that will guide you through the process of removing the risks most detrimental to your organization.

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Training Management

Educating clients on the importance of a culture of compliance is the first and most challenging step to effective compliance. But with Compliance Manager’s integrated LMS, you can manage multiple training programs within a single application. Whether you’re uploading existing content or creating and editing new courses, you’ll be able to deliver that content to only the relevant audience and have total insight into the completion and effectiveness of each course.

Audit Management

Audit Manager was designed by our internal auditors for your auditors to review the accuracy of your clients’ medical charts. Through customizable templates, quick clicks, analytics, and actionable reporting, you’ll be able to quickly identify your clients’ common trends and errors. Then, using our AAPC-certified education modules, you’ll be able to train their coders and providers and improve coding accuracy rates across every specialty.

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