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Lab and Pharmacy Compliance, Simplified. 

With the inherent complexities around lab testing and the managing of our nation’s drug supply chain, labs and pharmacies are regulated unlike most other organizations in the healthcare ecosystem. With enforcement by the FDA, DEA, and EPA, not to mention individual state regulations, your compliance challenges are unique. Which is why we built Compliance Manager to be fully-customizable to fit the ever-evolving requirements of ensuring an effective compliance program, for your specific organization.

Compliance Management

Establishing a compliance program within your lab or pharmacy is critical to not only the success of your organization, but to your ability to govern diagnostic testing and the dispensing of medicine. Compliance Manager was built to help labs and pharmacies develop and maintain effective compliance by building employee training, exclusion review monitoring, and incident management into a single application.

Risk Management

Understanding the state and federal regulations that are applicable to your organization secures not only your patients’ privacy, but your organization’s reputation. And because the HIPAA privacy and security rules place such an emphasis on conducting regular risk analysis, Compliance Manager comes with a built-in assessment to identify your most serious risks, which then creates an automated workplan to guide you through the process of reducing your organizational risk.

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Training Management

Every one of your employees should be familiar with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, your local and federal regulations, and the basic principles of compliance. But whether you're starting your training program from scratch or trying to take your team to the next level, you’ll need a solution that not only delivers excellent training but can track your team’s progress through to successful completion. Which is why we integrated a complete learning management system (LMS) directly into Compliance Manager, complete with hundreds of courses available to you, right out of the box.

Incident Management

As labs and pharmacies build a culture of compliance, employees will begin to take on the responsibility of reporting any incident of non-compliance. Whether they’re related to Medicare Part D, patient protection, or fraud, waste and abuse (FWA), you can rely on our Incident Management module to maintain comprehensive documentation of each incident managed, from initial reporting through to closure and corrective action.

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