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Healthcare Learning Management System

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Training takes Time.

A recent poll suggests that over 50% of employees are overworked. Employee education requires time and resources–both of which are in short supply. It’s a fine balance, and a challenge that administrators like yourself know only too well. Isn’t it time you spent less time managing and more time helping your employees succeed?



Unified Learning

Compliance Manager's all-in-one LMS was designed to integrate with your educational resources. All in one place.


Customized Platform

Personalized just for you and your organization. Tailor the user interface, reporting and training to align with your organization.


Simple to Use

Intuitive user interface is simple to use and just as easy to implement. Never has adoption and motivation been so effortless.


Unparalleled Education

Trusted content created by trusted sources. Your employees can learn from the best by leveraging content created by industry experts.

Software Features

Simplified Course Building

Easily create and publish quality courses using embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats. Course content is added in the form of pre-built modules for assessments, surveys, instructor-led courses, and more.

Updated Reporting

Shape your dream team. Easily review your employee's performance and gain insight into training results with detailed reports and user-friendly dashboards. Quickly create custom reports you can deliver via email.

Improved API Connection

Save precious time. With Litmos’s API connection, there’s little need to move between applications. Get more of your work done inside of Compliance Manager for a more focused and streamlined workflow.

Courses Available

Compliance Manager Essentials includes 20 courses covering the compliance spectrum. Additionally, there are hundreds of additional courses available for purchase. Contact a Healthicity Expert for a complete lists of courses available.

Core Compliance Courses
Medicare Training: Combating FWA How to Avoid the Top 10 OSHA Reported Incident Types
Medicare Training: General Compliance Training OSHA, & Workplace Safety
Annual Health Care Compliance (Refresher) Patient and Workplace Safety Measures
Bloodborne Pathogens and Your Organization’s Exposure Control Plan Preventing Conflicts of Interest: Ethical Conduct
Compliance Training for Health Plan Board Members Standards of Conduct
Confidentiality Agreements: What is Your Role Steps to Minimize Workplace-Related Injuries
Descripción General de Privacidad y Seguridad HIPAA (v12) The Basics of HIPAA Privacy and Security and HITECH
EMTALA and Patient Intake Why Emergency Action Plans Matter
EMTALA in a Nutshell Workplace Safety: Ensuring a Drug-Free Workplace
Fire Safety in Healthcare Facilities Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Product Brochure

Training Center Brochure

Healthicity offers an integrated, online Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows for training anywhere, on any type of device.


4 Smart Strategies for Better Trainings

Help your trainees enjoy and better retain your training material with these actionable insights from the tried-and-true 4 Pillars of Learning.

Product Brochure

Product Course Catalog

Our trainings are used to meet a broad range of training needs, including compliance, competency assessment, and development needs.


Master Compliance Training

The principles of adult education can save your compliance training. Fun and effective training starts there.