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Autopsy of a Detailed Exam

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Learn How to Define a Detailed Exam.


Need help defining a “detailed” examination using 1995 Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services? In the same amount of time that it will take you to eat a sandwich, I can help you decode “detailed.”

Where CMS has been reluctant to expand the definition, some of the MACs have provided additional instructions/clarifications that we can use to improve our understanding. Sometimes it takes a village to master an audit. Come join our tribe.

In this webinar, Autopsy of a Detailed Examination, you’ll learn how to:

  • Differentiate Between “Body Areas” and “Organ Systems”
  • Audit the Examination Portion of an E/M Service Observing MAC’s Guidance with 1995 DGs
  • Understand When (if) the 1997 Criteria May Better Fit Your Practice

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Presented by:

Charla Prillaman

Regional VP of Auditing

Charla has more than 25 years experience providing coding, compliance and billing services to physician practices. Charla’s role is to provide post-audit support such as thought leadership, education, and legal support.

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