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What Auditors Should Know About Corporate Integrity Agreements

Learn The What, Where, When, and Whys of CIAs.

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The Office of Inspector General of The Department of Health and Human Services maintains a massive public website listing all active corporate integrity agreements (CIAs). And you probably know that compliance professionals spend a lot of time reviewing the information inside each individual CIA. But, have you ever wondered why?

For years, people have used CIAs as a guiding light for their compliance programs. This is in no small part because many believe that, not unlike OIG work plan updates, CIAs provide insight into where the federal government’s enforcement efforts will be focused, specifically as it relates to fraud, waste and abuse. By looking into CIAs then, we can help ensure our organizations are meeting the government’s expectations and avoid similar fates of those already in a CIA.

Watch this on-demand webinar, What Auditors Should Know About Corporate Integrity Agreements, where Charla Prillaman, our regional Vice President of Audit Services, takes the long view on CIAs to help you:

  • Deepen Your Understanding of the History and Implementation of CIAs
  • Increase Your Awareness of Common Components of a CIA
  • Gain a Practical Perspective Through Examination of Current CIAs

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