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Episode 46:
How to Pass a Radiation Oncology Audit

Don’t Fail an Oncology Audit

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When it comes to coding Radiation Oncology services, a thorough knowledge of items like the isodose plan, care-specific guidelines, and the different plans is absolutely crucial. Without mastery, you might fail an audit. And while the word “fail” might induce some anxiety, the good news is there are ways to prepare and pass.

In this podcast, La Tanya says, “One of the biggest things a coder can do when it comes to passing an audit is knowing what to look for. When we talk about the delivery of different radiation modalities, whether or not the writer recommends the patient has a treatment 3D plan versus an IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) plan versus a 2D plan. Knowing the different plans can be the determining factor in whether or not an audit could pass or fail.”

So how exactly do you ensure accuracy?

Medical coders should know your plan, run reports, and use software to build documentation and procedure checklists. And as an auditor, when you do a final audit with your recommendations, use software. Robust reports help you communicate with the managers and directors more effectively so they can create action plans. Then, if an external auditor comes in to audit that facility, they pass due to all those checklists the software provides to ensure a facility is acting in compliance with the regulations. We’ll cover all of this and more in this podcast episode and in our upcoming webinar on the same topic on August 3rd @ 1 PM ET.

Tune in to the most recent episode of our podcast, “Compliance Conversations : How to Pass a Radiation Oncology Audit,” with guest and expert medical auditor La Tanya McNair. Don’t fail an audit. In this episode, you’ll learn how to pass a Radiation Oncology audit with flying colors. In this podcast, you’ll learn all about:

  • Isodose Plans and treatment delivery
  • Billable IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) Codes and payor-specific guideline exceptions
  • Failing audits and bundling services
  • The importance of knowing the treatment plans
  • Care-specific guidelines


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