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Episode 31: Understanding the Nuance of NPP Coding

How to Properly Bill for Non-Physician Providers.

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Recently, I sat down with Christopher Chandler, a Technical Manager of Professional Documentation and Coding, and we had a lot to cover during our podcast. So much so that we actually recorded two new podcast episodes. In this first episode, "Understanding the Nuance of NPP Coding," we dove into the world of non-physician practitioner (NPP) coding.

NPPs, as Medicare calls them, are made up of a number of different provider types. They include nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, amongst others. The world of NPPs is ever-changing as hospitals are, in Chandler’s words, “developing new ways of providing care to patients… and help alleviate the burden that physicians are feeling, with the amount of patient load that they have.”

If your hospital or clinic has a number of NPPs, it could be a signal to payors to keep an eye on your claim submissions. Which makes it all the more critical that your billing department has the tools to correctly code your NPPs. Listen to our newest episode of Compliance Conversations, where Chandler and I discuss everything NPPs, including:

  • Identifying the Difference Between Shared Services and Incident-to
  • Avoiding Double Billing the Patient and the Payor
  • Following the Intense Guidelines of Shared Services


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