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EMTALA Mistakes You Should Never Make

It’s What You Don’t Do That Can End Up Costing You.

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The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) was created to ensure hospital emergency rooms screen and stabilize (or transfer) every patient with medical emergencies. Most importantly, organizations must do this regardless of whether the patient has health insurance, or the ability to pay the treatment costs.

And though it’s been around for more than 30 years, the compliance requirements of EMTALA still throw some us for a loop. While you may know what EMTALA is, do you know what defines an emergency? Or what the requirements are for transferring a patient? And what the are fines for violating the act?

If you’ve ever wondered what the answers are to any of those questions, you'll want to watch this on-demand webinar, EMTALA Mistakes You Should Never Make, where CJ Wolf, M.D. discusses all things EMTALA, including:

  • Recent EMTALA Enforcements and What They Can Mean to Your Bottom Line
  • Foundational Compliance Requirements of EMTALA
  • Best Practices to Ensure Your Program Meets EMTALA Standards

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