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An Expert's Tips and Best Practices for Using 99211

Understanding Acceptable Use.


If you’re unclear about 99211, you’re not alone. A lot of debate surrounds the proper billing and documentation of E/M level service 99211 because aspects, like when to use it and when not to, can certainly be confusing.

Since the adoption of E/M codes, requirements for reporting most levels have become incredibly specific, and following these mostly black-and-white rules leads to an increasingly small margin of error in level selection.

Unsurprisingly, 99211 is one of our hottest topics this year. That’s why we’re offering even more E/M level service 99211 info, in-detail where we can elaborate on acceptable use even further.

Watch our on-demand webinar, An Expert's Tips and Best Practices for Using 99211, to learn:

  • Proper Documentation of Medical Necessity for 99211
  • When to Use 99211 and When Not to Use It
  • Clinical Examples That Both Support and Do Not Support the Need for 99211

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