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How to Accurately Dissect an Operative Report

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A Detailed Examination of Operative Report Auditing.

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When the term “auditing” comes up in our world of healthcare, we typically think of Evaluation and Management services, and all the detailed bullets and elements that go into each level of the service. After all, it’s what we spend the majority of our days working on.

But to ensure a well-rounded compliance program, the auditing of operative reports (and the codes selected for billing) should be labored over just as much as you already do for E/M services.

Whether you’re currently auditing your surgeons on a regular basis, or the thought of auditing operative reports gives you severe anxiety, we’ve got a ton of best practices we’re excited to share with you. So, watch this on-demand webinar, How to Accurately Dissect an Operative Report, where Lori Cox, our Regional Director, discusses a number of topics, including:

  • Dissecting an Operative Report
  • Surgery Medical Necessities
  • Assistants, Residents, and Co-Surgeons
  • Anesthesia and other Global Components
  • Surgery Modifiers

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