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How are Your 2021 E/M Audits Looking So Far?

Insights from Pre- and Post-2021 E/M Guideline Audits.

Watch the Webinar - How are Your 2021 E/M Audits Looking So Far?

Now that we’re well into the new year, are your providers and coders as prepared as you expected them to be for the 2021 E/M guidelines? Does their medical record documentation support the new requirements? Are you getting paid less, or more, for your office visits? Do you know what your new E/M benchmarks are?

Sorry for the game of 20 Questions. But the only way to answer any of them is to perform a documentation and coding audit.

Conducting an audit of your 2021 E/M levels will provide your organization with accurate insights of where your organization stands when these new guidelines. Of the many benefits you’ll realize is your ability to identify who needs additional training, where workflow adjustments need to be made, and documentation and coding behaviors of your providers and coders. Not to mention, it can also limit your exposure to pre-payment reviews from payers.

If you’re in need of guidance on how to conduct these audits, watch our webinar, “How are Your 2021 E/M Audits Looking So Far?” During this 60-minute presentation, we’ll share with you the results of a case study we performed on a large healthcare organization pre-2021 implementation, and post implementation, and review:

  • Insights from the Initial 2021 E/M Audit Results, and the Follow-up Audit
  • Tips on What We’ve Learned from Our Own Audits
  • Best Practices from AMA’s “Technical Corrections – CPT 2021”

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