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ICD-10-CM, Explained (Part 1)

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Remember, reminders are everything for coders and auditors. Because we often use the same codes over and over again, some important details can be forgotten along the way. Which is why we've developed a new, on-going series, "ICD-10-CM, Explained." Inside, our experts will dissect every section of the ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines to help keep you sharp and up to code.

In this first series, our experts will focus on the structure of codes, general guidelines and the use of combination codes, and will dissect infectious and parasitic diseases. Fun, right?

Quickly and easily download this ICD-10-CM Explained bundle and revisit the following ICD-10-CM sections with these Healthicity experts you know and love:

  • Section 1.A. Conventions By Lori A. Cox
  • Section 1.B. General Coding Guidelines By Stephani Scott
  • Section 1. C.1 Certain Infections and Parasitic Diseases By Vipin Bhardwaj

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