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Master Compliance Training: The Science Behind Successful Employee Education

Ways to Make it Engaging and Effective


In the United States alone, organizations spend about $135 Billion to train individuals each year. Just mentioning compliance training to your staff will send everyone running for the hills, doing everything they can to avoid what they perceive to be an absolute bore. Boring or not, training is a necessity according to the OIG, and one that every organization needs to take seriously to run an efficient and compliant practice. 

But not all training is created equal. Research on training practices reveals that the most effective training includes unique preferences for adult learners as well as proven principles for training in work settings.

Watch this free, on-demand webinar, “Master Compliance Training: The Science Behind Successful Employee Education”, to learn:

  • What the OIG Says About Employee Training
  • The Four Things that Successful Training Does
  • The Principles of Effective Adult Learning

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