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The State of Medical Coding & Auditing, 2019

How Do You Compare to Your Fellow Coders and Auditors? 

Download the ReportLast year we conducted a survey of over 1,000 healthcare professionals. Those who took the survey included everyone from auditors and coders to chief compliance officers and everyone in between. And maybe, just maybe, you were one of them. This year we took a different approach with our survey: we asked each of you different questions, based on your role and responsibilities. In short, we asked managers different questions than we asked of auditors and coders, in and effort to ask questions more relevant to your specific role (and to get more accurate data).

Now you can use this benchmark report to see how you stack up against your fellow coders, auditors, or managers. Plus you’ll get pro tips on what you can do to improve, and see where the healthcare industry is headed, and where it can take you professionally through 2019 and beyond.

Download the new report, The State of Auditing and Coding, 2019, and dive into data points, including.

  • 31% Of Managers Do Not Have Coder Productivity Standards
  • 80% of Coders and Auditors Believe their Productivity Standards are Attainable
  • 83% of Managers Do Not Allow the Use of Offshore Coding or Auditing Services

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