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The Solution for Mitigating Your COVID Audit & Enforcement Risks

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Enforcement Agencies Crack Down on Non-Compliance

Watch the Webinar - The Solution for Mitigating Your COVID Audit & Enforcement Risks

The COVID public health emergency has thrown the world and healthcare organizations for a terrifying loop. The US government has spent 6 trillion dollars to battle the Coronavirus and prevent a health and economic disaster. Enforcement agencies promised to “follow the money” in their efforts to crack down on non-compliance harder than ever, since the amounts of money pushed toward COVID relief efforts have been extraordinarily large. And just like they warned, they’re staying true to their word by increasing enforcement around COVID relief funding.

Get ready folks, because they’re coming. The Department of Justice has announced enforcement activity against organizations and physicians who ordered additional, medically unnecessary add-on tests such as genetic, allergy, and respiratory pathogen testing. They’re leaving no stone unturned, no organizations unchecked, no compliance officers unstressed.

But have no fear, or at least have less fear, because there are ways to protect your organization.

Knowledge is power. Vigilance is essential. Make sure your compliance program hasn’t slipped into hibernation on these issues. Minimize your risks and simplify your program by utilizing effective compliance program software.

Join us for this free webinar, with compliance expert CJ Wolf and co-host Remo Peshkepia, to see for yourself how compliance software can help protect your organization in this new environment of COVID enforcement through:

  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Incident Management and Corrective Action
  • Training and Strengthening Compliance


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