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Taking the Guesswork Out of MDM

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Turning MDM Subjectivity into Objectivity.

Taking the Guesswordk Out of Medical Decision Making Webinar

Every auditor faces different challenges. Some of us get stuck on MIPS, while others struggle with modifiers and time-based codes. The one area that seems to really stump us all, across the board, is Medical Decision Making (MDM).

It’s that one area where there’s always room to grow as an auditor. MDM is one of the most challenging areas of Evaluation and Management auditing. It requires the auditor to understand the clinical cognitive labor of the physician, which, let’s be honest, often leaves us questioning the MDM complexity.

Watch this on-demand webinar, Taking the Guesswork Out of MDM, where we’ll explore strategies to help you remove the subjectivity from MDM by:

  • Uncovering Hidden MDM Elements
  • Avoiding the Tendency to Neglect Data Reviewed and/or Ordered
  • Understanding Where the Patient’s Problem/condition Fits on the Table of Risk

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