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Foolproof Tips for Billing Telehealth Services

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Everything You Need to Know About Telehealth in the Years Ahead.

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The prefix “tele” comes from the Greek “téle,” meaning “far off.” Since the advent of the telephone, technology has continued to bring us, as a society, ever closer together. Most recently, technology (in the form of telehealth) is allowing better, more efficient access between patient and provider. In fact, next year telehealth is expected to be a $35 billion industry. And, according to the Amercican Hospital Association, some 80% of organizations have implemented a computerized telehealth system - that’s compared to just 35% in 2010.

There’s no stopping that kind of growth, and with good reason. The benefits of telehealth are many. From reducing a child’s exposure to germs in a physician's office, to providing easy access to specialty providers for those of us in rural areas, it’s no wonder as a society we’re embracing this technology.

But like any new technology, telehealth faces a number of regulations, and those regulations, especially in regards to how we bill for telehealth services, are changing seemingly every month. For instance, do you know what Medicare defines as an originating site? Or who in your organization can bill for telehealth services? And what services are even eligible under Medicare?

In this on-demand webinar, Foolproof Tips for Billing Telehealth Services, Lori Cox, our resident Telehealth expert, answers those questions and sets your organization on the path to better understanding:

  • Which MAC You Should Bill for Each Telehealth Service
  • State Guidelines and Limitations on What Qualifies as Telehealth Technology
  • New Regulations Coming in 2020

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