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What’s in Store for Compliance Programs in 2021?

Where will you focus your compliance efforts in 2021?

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As the unexpected events of 2020 have shown us, predicting the future can feel like a fool’s errand. So it’s safe to say, no one knows for sure what 2021 might hold for our compliance programs.

But that won’t keep us from trying to read the tea leaves and get ahead of the curve.

In an effort to do so, we’ll be hosting a new, interactive presentation where we’ll share some of our expectations for the year ahead. Then, we’ll open up the floor by polling you, the audience, to get your thoughts, expectations, and comments to understand where organizations will be focusing their time and energy in the year ahead.

Dr. CJ Wolf will host a brand new webinar, “What’s in Store for Compliance Programs in 2021,” where we’ll start by making our own predictions, then understand what best practices you, the audience, will be utilizing, to better understand:

  • What the Top Priorities Will be for Compliance Officers in 2021
  • How to Best Prepare for the Uncertainties and Changes in Compliance
  • Where Compliance Programs Across the Country are Struggling and Succeeding

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