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End Complexity 

Even an industry founded on the premise of helping others can inadvertently cause pain. Healthcare is complex. Isn't it time we did something about it?  

Find Simplicity

Founded by AAPC, Healthicity is driven by a single idea: simplify the way your business operates. We design auditing, compliance and analytics solutions that deliver on that idea and, as a result, elevate operational performance for businesses like yours.

Intelligent auditing solutions and services that simplify the life and work of your coders, auditors and providers.

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Affordable compliance solutions that ensure your organization is fully compliant, even when audited.

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Effective, efficient coding is a complex art form. Replace your organization’s uncertainty with peace of mind.

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Efficient operations start with a solution designed to exceed your training needs of all of your employees.

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 Who We Help

Our solutions are designed to simplify the lives of professionals across the healthcare landscape, including physician groups, ACOs, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and payers.

Compliance Manager

We reinvented compliance management through a flexible user interface that was designed around the seven OIG recommendations to ensure your compliance, even when audited.

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“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”


Resource Library

Together with AAPC, we create thought leadership content for coders, auditors, compliance officers and educators. From white papers to ebriefs and webinars to best practices, our work provides the tools and best practices to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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White Paper

7 Keys to Compliance

Inside you'll find an in-depth analysis and best practices to creating a compliance plan that will help ensure operational and financial security.


E/M Auditing: History is Key

"E/M Auditing: History is the Key" will teach you how understanding history is the key to E/M Documentation.


5 Attributes of a Rock Star Coder

"5 Attributes of a Rock Star Coder" will teach you how to identify employees that will improve your business and reimbursement.


E/M Auditing Challenges

"Audit Challenges with E/M Services" provides an insider's perspective on the many challenges faced with E/M Services and the tools you'll need to be successful.