Auditors Unite! A Roundup of Associations For Healthcare Auditors

Auditors Unite! A Roundup of Associations For Healthcare Auditors

Posted by Stephani Scott
Jul 21, 2017 12:46:11 PM

Auditors, unite! Below you’ll find a roundup of education and certification resources for auditors. In every industry, education and networking are key to career growth and personal development. So, join an organization, attend a conference, or sign up for a course. Did we leave someone off the list? Let us know in the comments below. Have a favorite conference that we didn’t mention? Let us know about it!

Association of Healthcare Auditors and Educators: The Association of HealthCare Auditors and Educators is dedicated to excellence in quality education and healthcare auditing certification. They strive to develop and promote high level auditing standards and educational programs necessary for their members to comply within the healthcare regulatory arena.

American Association of Medical Audit Specialists: AAMAS provides resources and support to advance the practice of medical audit.

Council for Certification of Medical Auditors inc.: “The Certification Council for Medical Auditors Inc. is an organization that continually aspires to be the Nationally recognized leader for Excellence in the practice of Medical Audit by credentialing professional Medical Audit Specialists and keeping these credentials continually updated in the face of changing healthcare reimbursement.”

Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors: “The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors provides leadership and advocacy to advance the healthcare internal audit profession globally by facilitating relevant education, resources and networking opportunities.”

Texas Medical Auditors Association: A group of medical auditors, primarily from Texas, that perform medical auditing for hospitals, insurance companies and private individuals. Members meet for an educational event in the fall.

National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists: NAMAS delivers preparation classes for the AAPC CPMA® exam as well as continuing education opportunities for medical auditors.

American Institute of Healthcare Compliance: A non-profit organization that provides classroom and web-based training to provide education, certification, and continuing education to healthcare administrators.

AAPC: Today more than 155,000 medical professionals are members of AAPC. This professional association provides a variety of opportunities to elevate the standards of medical coding by developing training, professional certification, opportunities to network with other related medical professionals and a variety of medical coding jobs database and career building opportunities.

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