How do you Compare to Other Auditors and Coders

Every year we conduct a survey of over 1,000 healthcare professionals, including auditors, coders, billing managers, revenue cycle managers, billing managers and more. Then, we package those findings into our annual Compliance and Auditing Report, which we released back in May.

But this year we’re doing something special. We created an all new report that’s divided into two parts: one for Auditors and Coders, and another for their Managers. The new report was designed to provide an even greater insight into your specific role, and the challenges you face. Then compare those answers with others around the country with similar roles. Inside the report, you’ll find a ton of data, such as:

  • 31% Of Managers Do Not Have Coder Productivity Standards
  • 80% of Coders and Auditors Believe their Productivity Standards are Attainable
  • 83% of Managers Do Not Allow the Use of Offshore Coding or Auditing Services

Download your free copy of the The State of Auditing and Coding 2019, right now. Then leverage the data to benchmark and manage your own efforts. Find out how you stack up against your peers and other organizations, plus get pro tips on how to improve, and see where the coding and auditing industry is headed, and where it can take you. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your industry, and more.

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