A Benchmarking Report for Coders and Auditors

From December 2019 through January 2020, we here at Healthicity, in coordination with our friends at AAPC, conducted a survey of the healthcare professionals among our communities. We do this each year to help you understand the current state of your chosen field, and so you can benchmark yourself and your organization against national averages.

But this year, we did something a little different. In this, our “2020 Annual Auditor and Coder Benchmark Report,” we asked the coders and auditors a separate set of questions to help them better understand their specific roles, and how they stack up head-to-head with others in the field.

For example, this year we found that 82% of respondents reported that their organizations conduct quality reviews of their coders, yet only 73% of organizations also conduct formal documentation & coding audits of their medical providers.

This new report was created to provide greater insight into the role coders and auditors play in their organizations, the specific challenges they face, and what productivity looks like within their positions. Inside the report, you’ll find a ton of data points, such as:

  • 18% of Coders and Auditors are Themselves Not Audited
  • 53% of Auditors Do Not Have Productivity Standards
  • 56% of Organizations Have a Pass-Rate Threshold of 95% or More

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You can also find the entire 2020 Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report here.

Let us know how you and your organization stack up in the comment section below.

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