[New] "Compliance Carl" Comic - 'Lonely Lunch Room' Episode

[New] "Compliance Carl" Comic - 'Lonely Lunch Room' Episode

Posted by Healthicity
Oct 1, 2021 11:31:36 AM

Compliance professionals: Have you ever felt a little awkward in your organization? Like maybe all eyes are on you?

Nobody said it would be easy; they just said it would be worth it. Waking up every morning with the weight of an organization’s compliance on our shoulders can feel a little overwhelming.

That’s why it’s so vital for us to find moments of levity throughout the day. Things that make us smile, relatable things, so maybe we don’t feel totally and utterly isolated in our day-to-day compliance activities.

Folks, we’d like to introduce you to our new cartoon featuring Compliance Carl. The theropod mascot you’ve all been waiting for to support hardworking compliance professionals everywhere (and hopefully make you chuckle once in a while).

Let us know what you think or if you’ve ever had an experience like Carl in the comments below.

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