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A Love Note to Compliance - eBrief

Love is in the air! Of course, you might be celebrating with a special someone, but we thought it would be fun to share some things we love about compliance and the compliance profession. These are things we think you will, or already do, love about compliance.

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Your 4-Part Checklist for Compliance Best Practices - Checklist
Conscientious compliance professionals don’t want to hear their compliance program is “just ok” when evaluating their program, but the best programs go beyond the minimal requirements. They are engrained in the fabric of the organization instead of feeling separate from a company’s day-to-day...
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It’s easy to get carried away with holiday spirit, so Carl thought a small reminder might help compliance stay top-of-mind. Just a tiny, festive hint that compliance is here to help his team members and the organization steer clear of actions that could result in much more than a lump of coal.

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