[Cartoon] Compliance Carl Being a Moderator

The summer heat is currently baking the U-S-of-A like granny’s peanut butter cookies that always got a little burnt. Unfortunately, Carl has found out that the heat is affecting more than our crops and electricity bills. The emotions at Carl’s office are heating up as well, and many of his coworkers’ “pots” are boiling over with emotions.

Last month, Frank the front-desk greeter got offended by Annie the administrative assistant’s tone of voice. And that doesn’t even compare to the riff that blossomed when nurse Nancy and custodian Christopher accidentally started talking about politics and nearly had to be separated by a patient. That’s never good for the workplan.

And that’s why Carl, our dutiful healthcare compliance officer, has his calendar chock full of mediation and moderation meetings. A dose of acetaminophen and his third coffee of the day will hopefully keep his mind off the fact that A LOT of policies and procedures will most likely need to be updated after this flurry of heat-induced company conflict.

So, Carl centers himself, spends some time in peaceful mindfulness, and opens the door...

Compliance Carl - Moderator


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