Free Webinar: The State of Coding and Auditing 2019

Every year we put out an industry report that provides you with all the meaty details of the coding and auditing world. Many of you use it as a tool to advance your programs, some of you just like to see what your peers are doing, and some of you use it as a checklist on how to tackle risk assessments and/or reporting auditing feedback, etc.

Just a few short months ago we conducted our annual survey of over 1,000 healthcare professionals to help you better understand how auditing and coding departments typically operate across the US. The results have been eye-opening (to say the least).

For instance, did you know that 22% of providers are not interested in seeing their audit results? Or that only 20% of coders and auditors believe their productivity standards are completely attainable?

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.29.05 AM

It’s true and there are plenty more significant stats where those came from, ranging from job satisfaction to selection methodology. Enough to help you whip your program into shape faster than you can sing “whip it good,” (eighties music is an excellent soundtrack for report reading) Want all of the details? Great! It’s easy and it’s FREE. You just have to set aside one lunch break to learn the how, why, and what of compliance and auditing.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, The State of Coding and Auditing in 2019, as our panel dives into the survey results to discuss the trends, common hurdles, and the many opportunities you have to improve your organization by better understanding how to better communicate audit results to providers, why coder and auditor productivity standards are a must, how organizations can better manage the quality of the auditors and coders, and so much more.

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