Medical Coding and Auditing Trends for 2020

Late last year, together with our friends at AAPC, we conducted our annual survey of nearly 1,000 healthcare professionals like you to gather insights to better understand the impact of efficient coding and auditing departments and the effect they have on compliance programs.

Did you know that for the second-straight year, compliance professionals ranked coding and billing issues as the number one risk to their organizational compliance? Or what about some of these interesting tidbits:

  1. Only 20% organizations allow the use of offshore resources to conduct medical coding or auditing-related services.
  2. 74% of organizations have a designated compliance committee that oversees medical coding and auditing activities
  3. The most common-pass-rate threshold for provider audits is 95% or greater.

We’ll be diving into these and a bunch of other findings in our upcoming webinar, “The State of Coding and Auditing Compliance in 2020.” During this hour-long presentation, me and my team will discuss the trends, common hurdles, and the many opportunities you have to improve your organization by better understanding:

    • Why Productivity Standards Are Crucial for Any Efficient Audit Program
    • What the Right Pass-Rate Threshold is for Your Organization
    • How Compliance Officers Can Mitigate Risks in their Billing Departments

Webinar Details Here >>

We hope to see you there! And be sure to keep an eye out for the complete survey report in the next couple of weeks.

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